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Virgin coconut oil (VCO)

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Here are the efficacy and benefits of VCO for health:


  1. Lauric acid
  •  VCO contains nearly 50 percent of lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid with a variety of health benefits. Breast milk is another important source of lauric acid
     2. Antimicrobial
  • Due to the high content of lauric acid, VCO has antimicrobial properties, antifungal, and antiviral properties.
  • The body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is responsible for virus destroyer.
  • VCO is also believed to slow the growth of virus in patients with HIV / AIDS.
    3.  The immune system

  • Lauric acid is found in breast milk helps babies fight infections.
  • Lauric acid in the VCO also able to strengthen the immune system so that the body is protected against disease.
  • Because the adult diet is generally low in lauric acid, VCO is a source of easy and powerful way to boost the immune system.

    4. Good Cholesterol

  • VCO can lower bad cholesterol levels while promoting an increase in HDL or good cholesterol.
  • A study in 1980 by Dr. Hostmark showed that rats who ate 10 percent fewer VCO produces bad cholesterol and good cholesterol more than mice whose diet consisted of 10 percent of sunflower oil.

    5. Antibiotics super

  • The effects of modern medicine is the emergence of bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotics.
  • A 2005 study by Georgetown University showed that lauric acid in the VCO capable of treating bacterial infections in mice better than the usual antibiotics.

    6. Good For pregnant and nursing mothers

  • Prompts old parents to consume coconut oil, coconut oil has a point because it contains incredible. In addition to turning off a variety of harmful microorganisms content of MCFA ((lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, oleic acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid) in the VCO also provide needed energy when the baby will be born.
  • Some of the experiences mentioned that VCO consumption during pregnancy give very good influence for babies, not only while in the womb the baby is healthy, but when the baby is born in a clean and healthy. In addition VCO makes US production I became more and more quality.

    7. Maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels Research shows a connection of heart disease and         vascular and infectious virus / bacteria that will cause the formation of plaques in blood vessels ..      Because the VCO is antibacterial / virus then it can help prevent plaque formation by killing               microorganisms p encetus plaque.

  • In addition, one of the causes of heart disease is high blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol buildup caused by the excessive consumption of fat in the daily menu so the excess is stored in the body. In VCO MCFA are easily metabolized to produce energy is not deposited as body fat. S Elain that regular consumption of VCO also prevent blood clotting (due to platelet aggregation) and prevent narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

     8. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease caused by lack of calcium so that bones                become porous. Osteoporosis can are due to free radicals is oxidized in the process of bone                  formation. Free radicals can be addressed by the content of saturated fat contained in the VCO.            Fatty acids in the VCO functions as an antioxidant that protects the bones from bone damaging            free radical.

  • One antioxidant in VCO is a sterol compounds. These substances such as fats and beneficial in the formation of pregnenolone. The function among others to produce progesterone for women. For women the availability of progesterone is very important because it is not balanced amount of progesterone and estrogen will cause osteoporosis.

  • VCO consumption good Sagat also helps the absorption of important minerals for bone are calcium and magnesium.

     9. Millitus Diabetes (Diabetes) Diabetes mellitus, also known as diabetes.

  • Symptoms of diabetes is mainly caused by buildup of glucose in the blood so removed with urine. In this condition the production of insulin from the pancreas to decrease so disturbed metabolism. This causes the glucose can not get into the cells so that the blood glucose concentration increased. Heaps of glucose can not be utilized to produce energy and eventually disposed of with the urine.
  • Insulin serves convert glucose into energy for cells. Blood glucose can not be directly used as energy to be transferred first into the cell through a process of oxidation in the cell. Besides insulin also convert glucose into energy reserves (glycogen and fat). If blood glucose is converted form the abundant glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles. While fat is stored in fat tissue. The content of MCFA in VCO is able to stimulate the production of insulin thus helping the process of conversion of glucose into energy for cells.
  • In addition, the VCO does not require insulin to be burned to produce energy so that it is most profitable patients with diabetes who have experienced a shortage of insulin the body. At the time of VCO burnt burned to the succession of glucose and fat that had previously been buried so that the blood sugar levels are relatively normal.
     10. Liver Hepatitis is a virus that has a sheath of fat on the outside so it is difficult to penetrate by             the drug.

  • The structure of medium chain saturated fatty acids in the VCO has a similar structure fatty sheath virus so that the VCO can penetrate and kill the hepatitis virus. In addition VCO also prevents liver cell damage caused by free radicals caused by viruses, drugs or alcohol because it has an effect as an antioxidant.
     11. Cancer Since the VCO has an antibacterial effect then there is enough white blood cells to                destroy and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Animal studies have shown that VCO inhibit                cancer cell growth ker cause of the colon and breast. In addition VCO has antioxidant properties          that prevent the formation of free radicals trigger the onset of cancer and VCO helps boost the             immune system that helps the healing process.
     12. Helps Lose Weight MCFA in VCO can directly enter the blood stream and converted into                    energy that is not deposited in the body. At the time of VCO burned participated burned to the           long chain saturated fatty acids (LCFA) so fat stockpiled be reduced and the weight will fall.

  • In addition VCO also gives energy quickly causing a sense of satiety and not feel hungry until mealtime process of burning and body temperature becomes higher so that your metabolism increases and there burning body fat reserves.

     13. Increase Stamina

  • Currently, decreased immune system, the body undergoes physical fatigue is characterized by muscle weakness, headache, infections intermittent, fever, fatigue exceptional and swelling of the glands of the body VCO provide quick energy and increase energy and boost the immune system so the body can restore itself.

     14. Maintaining Skin Health VCO contains natural moisturizer and helps the skin retain moisture             as well as good for dry skin, rough and scaly.

  • VCO contains medium chain saturated fatty acids are easily into the skin layers and maintain flexibility and suppleness. VCO is antifungal and natural bacteria that help prevent and treat skin infections, including fungal infections of the skin, eczema, boils, acne, and others.

    15. Maintain Healthy Hair Because VCO small molecules that can get into the hair shaft and                     maintain the levels of protein in the hair and make hair more radiant and healthy. VCO                         contains natural moisturizers that retain moisture and prevent dryness of the hair.
         VCO has antifungal effect, so good for preventing and treating dandruff due to the growth of P.          ovale fungus on the scalp.

Initial reaction if you consume VCO

Typically the initial reaction when consuming VCO form into a churning stomach to diarrhea. However, consumption should continue to reduce the dose and with the passage of time this reaction will diminish and disappear. VCO is recommended to consume on a regular basis, a minimum of 1 month to see the positive effects. (From various sources)

Nata de Coco

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Nata de Coco

1. Nata de coco is a food product fermented coconut water with raw materials and using starter bacteria Acetobacter xylinum. The activity of these bacteria will produce sheets of white cellulose murky increasingly thick and the resulting product has a chewy texture. Originating in the Philippines, nata de coco is most commonly sweetened as a candy or dessert, and can accompany many things Including pickles, drinks, ice cream, puddings, and fruit mixes
2. To support the growing Acetobacter xylinum, takes the optimum conditions such as pH, temperature, and nutrient intake accordingly. One nutrient that plays an important role in the growth of Acetobacter xylinum is nitrogen.
3. Ammonium sulfate or also called ZA (¬Zwavelzure Ammonia) with the chemical formula (NH4) 2S04 and Urea by the chemical formula CH4N2O a good nitrogen source for the growth of Acetobacter xylinum. Ammonium sulfate or urea ZA and serves as an adjuvant (processing aids) categories of nutrients for microbes (microbial nutrients or microbial adjusts).
4. In the framework of food safety, ZA and Urea used is the type of food grade (tara food / special for food), as the use of non-food grade feared the potential heavy metal contamination.
5. The food security of other factors that need attention in making nata de coco is a practical application of how well the production of processed food.

How to make:
1. Water crude oil in the filter, and put into the pot stenless size 5 liter boil at 100 degrees Celsius
2. After boiling enter 250 grams of white sugar, za 0.5 g, 50 cc of vinegar.
3. mixture of coconut water is boiling put into a plastic tray clean or sterile.
4. Cover the trays with sterile newspapers that have been dried in the hot sun.
5. Tray-tray is sealed and arranged on shelves in a neat tray and drained it to cool for a given seed nata de coco
6. Seeding is done in the morning and closed breeding results
6. Tray results of seeding should not be disturbed or shaken
7. Allow the seedling tray for one week and do not get distracted or swayed by anything.
8. Open the result of seeding after one week old.

How to Harvest:
1. Nata formed retrieved and disposed of the damaged parts (if any), and then cleaned with water (rinsed). Then soaked in water for 1 day.
2. On the second day of immersion replaced with clean water and immersed again for 1 day.
3. In the third day nata washed and cut into cubes (size according to taste) and then boiled until boiling and boiling water are first removed.
4.Nata which has dumped the water before, then boiled again and added with one tablespoon of citric acid.

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Coconut Shell charcoal

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Coconut Shell charcoal

Charcoal is a black residue containing impure carbon produced by removing water content and volatile components of animal or plant. Charcoal is generally obtained by heating wood, sugar, bone, and other objects. Charcoal black, lightweight, easily destroyed, and resemble the coal is composed of 85% to 98% carbon, the remainder is ash or other chemical objects (Source: Wikipedia)
  •  coconut shell charcoal is charcoal produced from coconut shells combustion with traditional systems as well as systems Klin

Applications Using Coconut Shell

A. Applications Gas Treatment

  1. Solvent Recovery, to recover organic content in the framework of the process of economic optimization and control exhaust emissions. Application usage: Acetate fibers (acetone), pharmaceuticals (methylene chloride), the film coating and printing (ethly acetate), magnetic tape (MEK).
  2. Carbon dioxide, CO2 is used for the purification of the fermentation. Applications use: Adsorption alcohols, amines and mercaptans.
  3. Industrial respirators, is used for the adsorption of organic content.
  4. Disposal of Waste Gas, Disposal of domestic, chemical and clinical Incineration of waste by high temperature. Application Usage: removal of heavy metals and dioxins from flue gas.
  5. Cigarette, is used as a filter. Application Usage: To extract the dangerous element of smoke and flavor.
  6. AC, Heating ventilation and air conditioning (Hevac), applied in airports, offices, malls etc. Application Usage: remove odor and absorb harmful gases.
  7. Composite fibers, impregnation of activated carbon powder in the foam / fiber / non-woven substance. Application Usage: air treatment, mask, shoes to reduce odor and water treatment.
  8. Fridge de-oderisers, in situ Filter Unit. Application Usage: Eliminates the smell of rotten food, commonly used in trucks transporting food.

B. Application Liquid Treatment

  1. Potable water treatment, Granular activated carbons (GAC) filter unit installed in Application Usage: Removes dissolved organic contaminants, keeping the taste and smell.
  2. Soft Drink, Potable Water treatment with chlorine sterilization. Application Usage: Removes chlorine, and adsorbs organic contaminants
  3.  Beer, Potable Water Treatment Application Usage: Eliminate trihalomethanes and Phenolic
  4. Semi Conductor, Ultra High Water Purification Application Usage: Reducing total organic carbon (TOC)
  5. Gold Recovery, the operation of Carbon in Leach (CIL), Carbon in Pulp (CIP) and Heap Leach Circuit. Application Usage: Recovery of gold from the "tailing" dissolved in Sodium Cyanide
  6. Petrochemicals, Recycle of steam condensate for BFW. Application Usage: Eliminate oil and hydrocarbon contaminants.
  7. Groundwater, contamination of the industry. Application Usage: Reduce Total Organic Halogens (TOX) and absorb Adsorbable Organic Halogen (AOX)
  8. Waste Water, to achieve environmental standards. Application Usage: Reduce TOX, BOD and COD.
  9. Swimming Pool, which involves the injection of ozone to remove organic contaminants. Application Usage: Eliminates residual Ozone and control kloramine level.

How to make Coconut Shell Charcoal

1. Combustion using authoring Burning hole and kitchen can be done with one of the following ways.

  • 1) or in the kitchen authoring hole filled shell as high as 30 cm, then burned. When it started burning shell layer, upon layer burning incorporated new shell again as much as the previous layer. This is done continuously until the room is fully charged. After that, a hole or kilns are closed tightly. If using a pit burning, the top cover can be added to the soil so that the closure becomes more tightly.

  • 2) Go to the middle hole or kitchen authoring placed perpendicular balo wood or bamboo (15-20 cm diameter), then the shell is filled to the brim. Thereafter, wood or bamboo beams lifted slowly and carefully so that in the middle of a pit or kitchen authoring formed a small hole. To the bottom of a small hole was included coir or leaves that have been soaked with kerosene, then burned. Shell will burn from the bottom, then will propagate upwards. As soon as all the burnt shell, holes or kitchen authoring closed tightly. To remove the smoke, 2 times a day on the open lid. The authoring process lasts 5-7 days.

2. Combustion Using a Kiln

  • 1) Kiln shell filled with as dense and as close as possible. Kiln made of drums can be filled in 90 kg shell.

  • 2) air hole first and second row from the top is closed. After that, in a basic room "gauze first fire" put flammable materials, such as dried leaves and husks that have been soaked with kerosene and burned. Then kiln closed.

  • 3) As soon as the shell at the bottom of the kiln burning, and the fire began to spread to the top of the third hole open, the third hole is sealed. Meanwhile, the second line opened hole. And so on up to the first pit row (top).

  • 4) During combustion, the volume of coal will be reduced, because the shell can be added to meet the volume authoring space.

3. Sorting and Packaging

  • After completion burned, charcoal is burned. Perfect unburned charcoal burned back. Charcoal burn completely sifted with woven wire (large aperture of 0.6 to 1.0 cm) to separate the soil, dust and gravel. Before packed, charcoal left in the open air for 12-15 days. Afterwards, the charcoal is packed in a plastic bag or sack.

  • Make charcoal shell (Shell) Coconut Drum Kiln System
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The process of making charcoal

  • Cheap and simple, that is the key technology for making charcoal with a drum system, charcoal yield any results far above the traditional way.

  • The yield of charcoal or the results obtained in this way is high. According to the Forest Products Research and Development research, which modify it, the yield of charcoal produced by this instrument ranges from 34-39% of the weight of dried coconut shells. Can be compared, for example, with a yield of charcoal made traditionally, only 25%. This makes the high yield production of charcoal, the same material the number is higher. The authoring technology can certainly be used as one of the attractive alternatives that could be developed in the domestic industry.

  • Authoring means it can be made of drums. Construction and operation of processing furnace was easily done by anyone who is interested, without special education. In addition, if the potential of coconut shell in an area large enough, then the drum system can also be developed into a small or medium-scale industries. By doing so, authoring center in the rural areas will be able to supply coconut shell charcoal continuously in large quantities.
  • Design Tools
  • Materials used are discarded kerosene drum volume of 200 liters. Close the drum is separated (cut) from the body so that it can be opened and is closed. Close this kiln hollowed center, this hole will be connected to the chimney height 30 cm, the same diameter.
  • Next. Agency perforated kiln drum, diameter 13 mm. The air holes consisting of 3 rows, each row consisting of 4 holes, with the spacing between rows 30 cm. Thus the total number of holes there are 12 pieces (see picture)

  • create husk charcoal, making charcoal, how to make wood charcoal, activated charcoal how to create, how to make charcoal from wood, how to make charcoal shisha, how to make charcoal from coconut shell
  • Preparing Material Shell

  1. Charred shell will preferably in air dry state. Water content not more than 20%. The goal is that the combustion process can go faster and do not produce a lot of smoke that could disturb the neighborhood. In order for the good quality charcoal, before it is purged from the coconut shell fiber, soil, sand and other debris attached. The size and shape of shells arranged in order to fill the drum as much as possible and produce charcoal that meet the required standard sizes. Preferably the size of the smallest shell width of 2.5 cm. If good arrangement, the drum can accommodate 90 kg of material, it could be more.

  1. Charging materials

  • Before put into the drum shell, a piece of wood and bamboo diameter of 10 cm length 1 m placed upright in the center of the drum. Furthermore, the kiln shell is filled to the brim. After that, piece of wood or bamboo withdrawn slowly, to form a hole in the center of the drum.

  • To facilitate the initial combustion, basic drum should be fed fuels such as scraps of paper, dried leaves, twigs wood, or sprinkling kerosene.

  1. Combustion Process

  • At first, feed fuel ignited. If combustion has taken place and it is estimated the fire would not die, the kiln was closed and then mounted chimney. During the authoring process, bari bottom air hole is opened, while two rows of holes in it covered with asbestos or clay. The authoring process started from the bottom and moving upwards. Authoring at the bottom of the drum is deemed to have finished when it happened red embers, which can be seen in all of the air holes in the bottom line are open. At such times, the air holes was immediately closed. Well, that's when a new shell can be added from the top of the drum. When the bottom line of the hole was closed, then the next hole lines should be opened. If any part of this line has been smoldering charcoal red, the hole immediately closed.
  • The procedure is repeated until a coal burning on the top line of the hole. Authoring process is considered complete when the smoke coming out of the chimney is thin and bluish. In this situation, all air holes are still open, including the chimney, are closed tightly. To prevent the possibility of the persistence of the incoming air, kiln closed with sand or soil. The entry of air into the drum will create a shell which is expected to become charcoal instead turned into ashes. This of course will degrade the quality of the charcoal produced.
  • Once considered a sure no air can get into the kiln body, allowed to cool drum about 6 hours. Once cool, the lid is opened and the results of the charcoal kiln is separated from the crude ash and charcoal. With this method, if the procedure is fulfilled, it is unlikely to be formed raw charcoal.

  1. Cheaper

  • Now, if the former drum it still feels expensive. You can use other materials that are cheaper, which like brick and clay. Another advantage of this technology implementation, the raw material which will not have to merely charred coconut shells. If the coconut shell is up, the kiln can be used to compose twigs, branches, or small pieces of wood. If people prefer to compose twigs and fallen branches or pieces of dead wood, felling of trees as raw material for charcoal can be reduced or even avoided.

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Copra (dry mealt coconut )

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Copra has generally been ground and ground then bubbled in water to concentrate coconut oil. It was utilized by Pacific island societies and turned into a significant business item for dealers in the South Seasand South Asia in the 1860s. This nineteenth century copra exchanging roused Robert Louis Stevenson's 1893 novella The Beach of Falesá, taking into account his encounters in Samoa.[ Nowadays, the procedure of coconut oil extraction is performed by pulverizing copra to create coconut oil (70%); the by-item is known as copra cake or copra supper (30%).

When the oil is extricated, the remaining coconut cake is 18-25% protein however contains so much dietary fiber it can't be eaten in huge amounts by people. Rather it is regularly sustained to ruminants.

Making copra – uprooting the shell, separating it, drying – is generally done where the coconut palms develop. Copra can be made by smoke drying, sun drying, or furnace drying. Sun drying requires minimal more than racks and adequate daylight. Divided nuts are depleted of water, and left with the meat confronting the sky; they can be washed to evacuate mold-making contaminants. Following two days the meat can be expelled from the shell easily, and the drying procedure is finished following three to five more days (up to seven altogether). Sun drying is regularly joined with furnace drying, eight hours of presentation to daylight implies the time spent in an oven can be lessened by a day and the hot air the shells are presented to in the furnace is all the more effortlessly ready to uproot the remaining dampness. This procedure can likewise be turned around, incompletely drying the copra in the oven and completing the procedure with daylight. There are preferences and inconveniences in both – beginning with sun drying requires cautious investigation to stay away from tainting with mold while beginning with furnace drying can solidify the meat and keep it from drying out totally in the sun. In India, little however entire coconuts can be dried throughout eight months to a year, and the meat inside evacuated and sold all in all ball. Meat arranged in this design is sweet, delicate, sleek and is cream-shaded as opposed to being white. Coconut meat can be dried utilizing direct warmth and smoke from a flame, utilizing basic racks to suspend the coconut over the flame. The smoke deposit can save the half-dried meat however the procedure general experiences capricious results and the danger of flames.

While there are some huge estates with coordinated operations, copra remains fundamentally asmallholder crop. The major delivering nation is the Philippines. It is additionally a noteworthy exporter. In previous years copra was gathered by brokers going from island to island and port to port in the Pacific Ocean yet South Pacific creation is currently highly lessened, except for Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Copra creation starts on coconut estates. Coconut trees are for the most part dispersed 9 m (30 ft) separated, permitting a thickness of 100-160 coconut trees for every hectare. A standard tree bears around 50-80 nuts a year, and normal income in Vanuatu (1999) were US$0.20 per kg (one kg meets 8 nuts)— so a rancher could procure roughly US$120 to US$320 yearly for each planted hectare. Copra has since dramatically increased in cost, and was last cited at US$540 per ton in the Philippines on a CIF Rotterdam premise (US$0.54 per kg) by the Financial Times on 9 November 2012.

In India, Tiptur in Tumkur locale in Karnataka state is prominent for its copra. Copra delivered here are normally dried under the shade for nine to twelve months.

The biggest wellspring of copra is from the Philippines, where the estimation of yearly creation surpasses US$80 million. Countless agriculturists and tree proprietors produce copra, which is a crucial piece of their pay. Shockingly, in the Philippines (and somewhere else) copra is exceedingly defenseless to the development of aflatoxins, if not dried legitimately. Aflatoxins can be very lethal, and are among the most powerful known regular cancer-causing agents, especially influencing the liver. Aflatoxins in copra cake, sustained to creatures, can be gone on in milk or meat, prompting human ailments.

In the Philippines, copra is gathered as dried "mugs" (the meat from one-portion of a coconut), which are delivered in vast burlap packs. At the delivery point (commonly, a dock) the copra is examined by driving a little metal tube into the pack at a few focuses, in this way puncturing the mugs and gathering little measures of copra inside of the tubes. Those specimens are measured for aflatoxin defilement. On the off chance that inside of principles the sack is dispatched. This technique leaves the danger that numerous containers are missed by the irregular inspecting—and genuinely sullied copra may be missed. Since such a variety of little makers are included, it is unrealistic to screen every one of the ranches and drying locales (which is the place aflatoxin defilement happens). The Philippines government keeps on dealing with creating strategies for the testing, security, and minimisation of aflatoxins.

Creature sustain

Copra feast is utilized as grain for stallions and dairy cattle. Its high oil and protein levels are stuffing for stock. The protein in copra dinner has been warmth treated and gives a wellspring of brilliant protein for dairy cattle, sheep and deer, on the grounds that it doesn't separate in the rumen.

Coconut oil can be extricated utilizing either mechanical expellers or solvents (hexane). Mechanically removed copra dinner is of higher encouraging quality, in light of the fact that it contains normally 8-12% oil, while the dissolvable extricated copra feast contains just 2-4% oil. Premium quality copra feast can likewise contain 20-22% unrefined protein, and <20ppb aflatoxin.

Top notch copra dinner contains <12% non basic starch (NSC), which makes it appropriate for sustaining to steeds that are inclined to ulcers,insulin resistance, colic, tying up, and acidosis.

Cridit Wikipedia,

Coconut For Healing Toxins And Acne

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For Healing Toxins And Acne 
Healing Toxins And Acne 

Do you know whether the Young Coconut Water Good for utilization, if this time you suspected that coconut water can just extinguish your thirst right now. Here there is a little survey of the advantages of coconut water that has numerous advantages for our wellbeing. 

This coconut juice ended up having properties and outstanding dietary worth. Not only the large scale components, for example, nitrogen and carbon, additionally small scale components that are required by the body in coconut water. The component nitrogen inside a protein made out of amino acids, similar to alanine, cystine, arginine, opy, and serine. 

Dairy animals' milk, amino acids contained in coconut water was higher. While the carbon component can be found as straightforward starches, for example, glucose, sucrose, fructose, sorbitol, inositol, and others. Likewise, small scale components as coconut water mineral particles required as a substitute body. Commendable for sure, if the youthful coconut drink our body feel invigorated. 

At the point when analyzed further, coconut water likewise contains an assortment of vitamins. Counting vitamin C are prevalent, nicotinic corrosive, folic corrosive, pantothenic corrosive, biotin, and riboflavin. No big surprise the coconut water is additionally utilized as an element of customary medication and also excellence. What's more, specifically, coconut water is rich in (potassium). Other than minerals, coconut water additionally contains sugar (differing between 1.7 to 2.6 percent) and protein (0,07-0,55 percent). On account of this so healthful sythesis, the coconut water can possibly be utilized as crude material for nourishment items. 

In the Philippines, the coconut water utilized for refreshment assembling procedures, jam, liquor, dextran, vinegar, and nata de coco. In Indonesia, coconut water is utilized as a beverage (coconut water) and media making nata de coco. 

What are the advantages of coconut water? 

Nutritious coconut water as a diuretic, which is to encourage pee. Coconut water blended with a little lemon juice is helpful to treat parchedness, and additionally to battle the worms in the stomach unsettling influences little kids. 

In the event that youthful coconut water blended with milk is useful for kids' sustenance. The blend of coconut water have properties to avert coagulating of the milk in the stomach, heaving, stoppage, and acid reflux. 

Coconut water additionally has different restorative properties. In addition to other things, drinking coconut water can likewise defeat the poisonous impacts of sulfa medications and different anti-microbials, making the medications all the more immediately retained the blood. 

Wash your face with coconut water persistently consistently can cure or take out skin break out, dim spots, wrinkles on the face which comes early, the skin dries out and gets to be obvious brilliant face. 

Blend coconut water with somewhat nectar. This herb is a tonic that is shabby however nutritious. This herb animates the body's sexual focuses and invalidate the hurtful impacts of overabundance sexual excitement. 

Stiff-necked skin break out can be treated with a blend of 25 grams of turmeric glue with a glass of coconut water, then left for the night, then include 3 teaspoons of red sandalwood powder. Blend mix all fixings until smooth, then spared again undisturbed for 3 days. Strain this pharmaceutical with three layers of bandage. Save the juice was in the container, and apply on face twice per day until the skin break out vanishes. 

Coconut water is likewise effective as a cure wounds, dry feet, and dermatitis. Make an elixir generally simple. Douse a modest bunch of rice in coconut water along the shell until the rice goes bad due to aging, and after that the rice is processed into a fine powder. Rice flour is utilized topically consistently for 3-4 days in the wiped out body. 

In the event that youthful coconut water blended with a squeeze of turmeric powder and water whiting in equivalent measure is a cure blazes and refute the smoldering sensation in the feet and hands. 

Indeed, aside from that nothing else ya known sorts of coconut water can kill poisons, he is a green coconut. Green coconut is the best cure for a few maladies, for example, indigestion, clogging, killing poisons, dengue fever, intestinal worms, looseness of the bowels. At the point when utilized for washing the face, then the advantages of green coconut can dispense with skin inflammation, smoothes facial skin, fix the skin (hostile to maturing) and when it is utilized to wash, can keep the onset of silver hair. Furthermore, 

 Coconut Water Benefits  

youthful green coconut Among the general population, there is a custom of innate exhorted pregnant ladies to expand drinking coconut water, particularly from green coconuts. It was said that if tenaciously drinking coconut water, particularly in the third month of pregnancy the amniotic liquid will be perfect and the infants who are conceived too clean skin, thick hair and clear eyes. 

  1.  Can support Digestion 

  • Coconut water is likewise accepted to enhance digestive capacity. Amid pregnancy, the placenta creates the hormone progesterone, which moderates gastric muscle compression in this way abating processing. Coconut water can build the pace of processing. 
   2. Expand great cholesterol

  • Coconut water does not contain fat and cholesterol, not with standing as per exploration can build the great cholesterol  in the body. 
 3. Normal Electrolytes 

  • Youthful coconut water is rich with substance of :
  • electrolytes
  • chloride
  • calcium
  •  potassium
  •  magnesium
  •  sodium
  •  riboflavin
  •  As a characteristic iso tonic electrolyte rich in minerals and has the same with the body electrolytes, coconut water is extremely helpful for -re hydration and -re cuperate stamina. 

  • Pregnant ladies require more water than others. Lack of hydration amid pregnancy can bring about an assortment of difficulties, including cerebral pains, issues, edema and even withdrawals which can bring about untimely work. 

4. Characteristic Diuretics 

  • As a characteristic diuretic that is clean, youthful coconut water diuretic and rinses the urinary tract. It is nutritious substances out poisons from the body and forestall diseases are likewise entirely normal in pregnant ladies. 

5. Anti disease

  • Coconut water contains l a u r i c corrosive, corrosive that battles illness. L a u r i c corrosive contained in coconut water equivalent to that contained in bosom drain and has the qualities of a n t i f u n g a l, antibacterial and antiviral, so keeping up the strength of the mom and infant from infections, for example, herpes and H I V, protozoa G i a r d i a l a m b l i a, and microscopic organisms chlamydia and h e l i o k o b a t e r. 

In the event that you can not get new coconut water, coconut water is currently accessible immaculate packaged prepared to drink can be obtained at the grocery store. 

Different advantages 

  • As a characteristic isotonic rich in minerals and has the same electrolyte with electrolyte body, is exceptionally helpful for rehydration and recuperate stamina. 

  • As Natural Diuretics are clean, smooth Urine and wash down the urinary tract dangerous substances out of the body. 

  • As Anti infection 

  • Helps processing 

  • Expand HDL on the grounds that it doesn't contain fat and cholesterol 

  • Stay away from skin inflammation, wrinkles and untimely maturing 

  • Tending to the poisons on the human body 

  • To battle the worms in the stomach unsettling influences little kids 

  • Keeping the body cool and is at the right temperature 

  • Overcome kidney stones and stones in the urinary tract 

  • The common drink for babies experiencing intestinal issue 

  • The substance of saline and egg whites in it to determine instances of cholera 

  • Keeping up the body's normal liquid levels 

  • The impact of electrolytes from coconut water helps the retention of medications and additionally encourage the section of medications into the circulation system 

  • Coconut water can be a substitute for blood plasma as sterile, does not create warmth, does not harm red platelets and can be specifically gotten by the body 

  • Suitable devoured as a characteristic drink while to quiet down, reflection, driving, eating, running, high impact exercise, work, activity, or different sorts of exercises 

  • Offers the body some assistance with fighting the infection that causes this season's flu virus, herpes, and AIDS 

  • Counteracts osteoporosis 

  • Controls diabetes 

  • Reinforcing wellbeing thyroid capacity 

  • Executes the parasite Giardia lamblia 

  • The wellspring of fast vitality. 

  • Calms stretch the pancreas and chemical frameworks of the body. 

  • Help mengtasi gallbladder illness 

  • Overcomes yeast contamination Candida 

  • Keep the development of mycoplasma. 

  • On the off chance that despite everything you feel a headache, nobody can recoup rapidly notwithstanding coconut water 

  • Set the circulatory strain and heart capacity 

  • Enhancing blood dissemination 

  • To adapt to dermatitis and broke skin 

  • As a cure smolders and wipes out blazing sensation in the hands and feet

coconut water young

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Coconut itself turns out to have various types. At the start of the colors that are owned, coconut fruit consists of a wide variety of colors ranging from green, yellow, and so on. The shape and size also looks different. However, the essence of coconut water is beneficial especially young coconut water and coconut which have a green color.

The benefits of coconut water young

You must already know the shape of a young coconut. In terms of outward appearance, tend to be more fresh young coconut and size is not too large. Coconut as many traders sold coconut ice that used to sell the car pick-up or on the roadside. The benefits of coconut water, especially young coconut was very good for the health of our bodies.

The benefits of coconut water will further enhance the metabolism that occurs in our body so that digestion will become more fluent. For those of you who have issues around the gut and digestion, it is advisable to drink coconut water every day to help relaunch the process of metabolism that had messed up. Coconut water contains no calories, and sugar. Fat in the coconut water is also very low so it fits well if used as a drink for your diet who want to lose weight.

And more good again, consuming coconut water does not cause side effects. As has been mentioned that the young coconut water benefit to dieters, the diet with young coconut is completely painless, negative effects, and dependence. That is, you actually feel more healthy and weight loss.

Benefits of green coconut water for your body

There are also other types of oil that has the benefits are no less cool, the green coconut. Benefits of green coconut water contains good to neutralize the toxins in your body. Maybe there among you who suffered poisoning, it is advisable to immediately drink green coconut water as pengobatnya. By drinking green coconut water will also make your stamina back fit and makes the body more refreshed than ever before.

Of course, the natural coconut water or has not undergone processing will be much more useful than the coconut water inside the packaging. Poisoning that occurs can be directly addressed by drinking coconut water. Or if you feel motion sickness, nausea, and dizziness, green coconut water becomes a remedy because it can accelerate blood circulation and reduce the risk of dehydration.

The benefits of coconut water is not endless. In addition to the benefits described above, coconut water also has benefits for the skin as a moisturizer and acne. Diligent consume coconut water to maintain a healthy body and your skin.

Coconut For Human Health

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1. Saturated Fat Content In Medium Level,
 saturated fat in coconut fruit can help lower bad cholesterol in the body by increasing the amount of good cholesterol. No saturated fat in palm fruits belonging to the type that is easy to be broken down so it does not trigger the symptoms of high cholesterol. Each cup of coconut meat contains 283 calories with the biggest portion is 26.8 grams of fat. Actually there are more than plant foods, but since the type of saturated fat is broken then it is not so trigger a rise in cholesterol. But an important note if you have a risk of having high cholesterol or heart disease, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about the benefits of coconuts when compared to the risk posed.

2. Coconut Fiber Rich Experience
Although only eat a little coconuts, a person will feel fuller for longer periods of time. This is because the coconut fruit is a fruit that has a high fiber content. In 7.2 grams are sufficient 20 percent of daily fiber needs of humans. The benefits of fiber from the coconut fruit is that it helps the digestive process and being a good diet to lose weight.

3. Uses Coconut of Manganese Content
Maybe some foreigners will manganese content available on coconuts. Manganese is a mineral resource that is needed by the body to metabolize. Keeping the immune system and nerves are part of the benefits of coconuts for human health. In one cup of coconut fruit is sufficient at least 67 percent of our daily needs.

4. Rich Mineral Resources
In addition we also need the body manganese intake of other minerals such as potassium and copper. The good news is the second source of the mineral found in coconuts. Benefits coconuts if the value of the content of potassium is dosed using a cup equivalent to 14 percent of daily potassium suggested by health experts. In the cup also contains 39 percent copper is essential for red blood cell production. Currently the coconut fruit is also known as the fruit that eliminates dehydration because the water contains minerals that are very much needed to replace lost body ions.

5. Rich Vitamin B
As well as the benefits of coconut water, coconut meat also has a lot of minerals and vitamin B. Benefits young coconuts is very special because the content of vitamin B was instrumental in the formation of energy and the production of red blood cells.

6. Low Calorie Fruit
If you want to diet and avoid cholesterol, you will find a use coconuts there. If we compare with bananas alone, it needs 4 bananas to equal the content of potassium contained in one cup of coconut meat.

the power of  Coconut Meat

Sometimes a person chooses to consume the meat of the coconut when compared with the old. Texture soft and chewy on the young coconut is the main attraction when consuming oil. Sure, young coconut meat is more suitable for direct consumption after drinking coconut water while old coconut meat suitably used for cooking or milk ingredients. Benefits young coconut meat is also not much different from the benefits of coconut water. The coconut meat is known to contain sodium, potassium, fiber and vitamin B which is good enough for the production of red blood cells.

Young coconut meat is also suitable for daily diet menu if you want to quickly thin. Content of existing fiber in coconut meat will keep you full longer. Coconut fruit itself are safe to eat all ages, both young children and adults can enjoy it and get all the benefits of young coconut meat.

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